Safe Powerboating Challenge Course

Saturday, Jan 30, 2021 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)

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Leader: Ray Markham

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US Powerboating (US Sailing) powerboat challenge-out  course.  

Prerequisites include Sarasota Sailing Squadron membership, race committee volunteer, NASBLA FLORIDA Safety Education ID (also known as the Florida Boating license) which is avaiable online at .  Self-study of the course materials. Bring your NASBLA Florida Safety ID to the course  with you.  

The Self-study course materials will be provided to registrants through the Squadron office. Most of the 2-hour course will be on-water assessment by the instructor with two people per boat.  Successful completion of the powerboat handling certificate from US Sailing / Powerboating requires passing a written test and an on-water skills assessment. This course is for certification of those proficient in powerboat handling. 

Zac Oppenheim is the instructor, a US Powerboating Instructor Trainer, a US Coast Guard licensed Master, and has worked at waterfront education facilities in higher education for 17 years. With a focus on safety, Zac has a passion for sharing his love of boating and currently teaches at the St Petersburg Yacht Club, Sailing Florida, and Freedom Boat club. He also serves as a private yacht captain maintaining and operating a private motor yacht as well as SCUBA support boat responsible for cleaning our local reefs.    

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Meet  on the Squadron screened porch. Beverages can be purchased at the bar.



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